Data Visualization Engineer

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We are looking for a Data Visualization Engineer to join our creative team of UI developers and designers.

F5 is transitioning from a hardware company to a software company. You can join that exciting transition and help us creating a data visualization library that will power all F5 products, like Distributed Cloud Platform and NGINX Controller.

You’ll be engineering solutions for presenting large amounts of information in ways that are universally understandable or easy to interpret and spot patterns, trends and correlations. These representations include charts, maps, network graphs, and other diagrams.


  • Visualize information for networking, machine learning, geospatial, business intelligence and other domains
  • Engineer data visualization components using D3, SVG, WebGL, Typescript
  • Code while considering performance, scalability, maintainability, and flexibility
  • Collaborate on defining user interfaces that work effectively both for external and internal customers including general managers, operations, security investigators, data scientists

Minimum qualifications:

  • In depth knowledge of HTML / CSS / SVG, TypeScript and D3
    Three.js / WebGL experience will be a plus
  • Experience working with frontend frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as a software engineer (frontend or full stack)
  • Master’s degree in CS or equivalent industry experience
  • Regardless of the technology, you must be familiar with the principles of design, both graphical and more generally user-centered design

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