Data Analyst
  • Full Time
  • Washington, DC
  • February 17, 2023

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At Inciter, we know that nonprofits are overwhelmed by data and reporting. We use cutting-edge data analytics tools to create effortless and accurate reporting for them so they can improve their programs, focus on their mission, and get back to making the world a better place.

When you make data easy and accessible for nonprofits, you elevate social change all over the world.

For this position, you will clean and analyze data using a variety of tools. You will manage client relationships, support colleagues and projects related to data processing and analysis, and create and maintain documentation related to data and technology projects.

At Inciter, our people are:

Good Communicators – We communicate with each other and with our clients in a way that is responsive, clear,  and helpful.
Analytical – We think through things logically and help others to use data in an objective and yet powerful manner.
Profit Minded – While we are passionate about social change, we keep an eye on the bottom line, because if we aren’t profitable, it’s probably because we aren’t solving problems for our clients.

We look for people who:

Listen for Needs: We ask each other and our clients how we can be of assistance. We support each other and those we work with.
Review Processes/Results: We review our processes quarterly to see if they can be improved or automated. We conduct quarterly reviews of projects to see what has changed and if we need to bring new processes to the work to make it more helpful or more efficient.
Respond but Don’t React: When clients contact us we respond within 24 hours, even if only to tell them when we will have a result for them. We don’t engage in firefighting, internally or externally.

At Inciter, we don’t hold you accountable for simply showing up, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know whether you are winning or not.

For this position, your main result is to manage data and research projects, ensuring clients are satisfied and that the projects are profitable.

To create this result you will:
Manage client data, including record creation, updates, and deletion
Provide quality assurance for data sets
Commission and decommission data models and data sets
Develop reports, dashboards, and analysis
Create SQL views to support reporting requirements
Evaluate changes and updates to source data systems
Train end-users on new reports and dashboards
Prepare data for analysis, transfer, or warehousing using Python or similar
Ensure policies and procedures related to managing sensitive data are followed
Use project management tools and best practices to manage your own projects

You will be wildly successful if you have or are the following:
Experience and/or education related to data analysis or data management
Experience with Python or similar
Advanced Excel (pivot tables, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, etc.)
Experience using a BI tool (Tableau, PowerBI, Metabase, or similar)
Able to apply and interpret descriptive and summary statistics
Familiar with methodologies and processes for managing large and small-scale databases (i.e. dimensional modeling, star schema, data pipelines, etc.)
Ability to translate business requirements into non-technical, lay terms
Understanding of metadata standards and data quality standards
Experience using project management tools of some kind
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred additional experience:

Advanced statistical analysis (inferential, ANOVAs, etc.)

You will do well if you do the following:
Speak up and step up to ensure the best possible outcome
Pay attention to what clients and colleagues say and ask clarifying questions
Learn and improve (Also love to share what you’ve learned with others)
Stay organized – You confirm expected deliverables and tasks. You proactively update colleagues and clients

Benefits: Full-time employees are entitled to benefits including healthcare, PTO, and participation in an IRA program.

Compensation: $65,000 – $85,000 depending on experience.

Work locations: All our positions are remote, and we are looking for someone in the Mid-Atlantic region because we occasionally meet in DC. We use a suite of cloud-based tools to collaborate and meet with each other and our clients. We require periodic in-person meetings in or near Washington, DC, either to meet with colleagues or clients. In-person meetings are no more than once a week. Most of our projects are in the mid-Atlantic region and our meetings occur during EST business hours.

Diversity: At Inciter, we believe that every person brings unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table. We recognize that diversity drives innovation, and we strive to create and maintain working and learning environments that are inclusive, equitable, and welcoming. If you feel you’re a good match for this position and for Inciter’s culture, please apply even if you don’t meet every requirement.

We know our perfect candidate is out there. Interested? Send us an email at with your resume and cover letter and we’ll get the ball rolling.



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