Senior Data Visualisation Developer

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infogr8 are on the lookout for a Senior developer with a good level of foundational data design experience to be a part of Infogr8’s new and unique EdTech pod building visually data driven solutions that drive real-world impact across education, whether that be creating better opportunities for a more diverse workforce, revealing insight to support employers with mass skills shortages, or to help institutions and policymakers create macro change.

You possess a product mindset: You will have proven experience across interactive data visualisation projects, holding the vision for creative solutions, being the voice of expertise to clients and the stitcher across our data, design and tech specialists to enable your vision to see the light of day. Your background in wrangling with data gives you stakeholder empathy, you’ll be building strong relationships to dream up and deliver the best product you can with the team around you, with a great opportunity to lead the development.  You will have experience recommending appropriate solutions with confidence to technical and non technical audiences.

Love the chance to get into the creative: As a hands-on individual, you’ll have the chance to get into the creative process. You are a big picture person, someone that can bring stories to life with quality, whilst equally being able to get into the weeds to make sense of granular data sets with a passion for self-development and wrangling with new technologies to craft solutions.  Whether your skills orient across data storytelling or engineering, we’ll work together on a career plan to enable you to continue upskill within emerging areas of data visualisation.

Are a self-proclaimed data visualisation evangelist: As a data visualisation evangelist, you already have a respectable profile, have a community focus and are actively engaging with members of the data viz community.  You’ll also benefit from our sustainable work-life approach, that means you choose where you want to work and we are currently accepting applications Globally within a 5 hour UK BST time zone.

About infogr8
infogr8 are the visual data storytellers. We’ve been at the forefront of showing meaning and value in data since 2012. We pride ourselves in delivering award-winning work with accuracy and agility. We unlock data to reveal its true stories – and its true value – in visual, interactive, and entertaining ways that everyone can understand. Some of our clients include Spotify, Mars, and the World Health Organization.

Background and skills

  • Prior experience in an agency, consultancy or fast paced startup a must.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset – you have likely worked in fast-paced, high growth areas, where development is fast, continuous, and iterative. You thrive in these environments.
  • You are proactive in nature – a self-starter who can work without any guidance required. You are known as having a start-up attitude and a product mindset.
  • You are confident working with granular data, crafting experimental concepts via fast moving tools e.g. Flourish, Datawrapper, Mapbox being strong at finding the story in the data, developing narrative and helping guide the vision.
  • Coding skills in d3.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Svelte, React, angular and server side technologies are in your toolkit.
  • Expertise in use of statistical tools (for example ‘R’). Some experience in Tableau is an advantage.
  • Experience in project/product co-ordination from pitching to project debriefs. Leads, influences and supports others in virtual environments, able to manage co-located, diverse multidisciplinary teams through proven design principles and lean/agile processes.
  • Excellent attention to detail (you know what great looks like and what it takes to make it).
  • Proactive, high energy individual with bags of self-motivation and initiative.


Develop robust & creative experiences – Proactively crafting high quality, beautiful creative solutions based on understanding user needs, clients’ business needs, revealing insights and connecting technology to guide clients on how we can unlock the value in data. Pitch, write strategy and set architecture across live opportunities.

Stitcher of the core team – holding the vision for the product solution, you will be the key co-ordinator across the technical needs of the project, motivating the multidisciplinary team ensuring the best work sees the light of day as well as maximising understanding and fostering teamwork in a warm, welcoming and useful way.

Uncover product opportunities –  Develop further credibility in the Edtech marketplace, crafting unique proof of concepts and roadmaps that answer valuable needs for students, careerists, institutions and policy makers. You’ll be naturally curious and keen to develop solutions in your working downtime that take us past the computer screen, mobile and lean into integrated physical environments as part of fulfilling our data for everyone® mission.

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