Data Management Education Specialist

Website Iowa State University, University Library

The Iowa State University Library seeks nominations and applications for the position of Data Management Education Specialist. As part of the Research Data Services (RDS) unit, the Specialist will play a key part in the University Library’s support and advocacy of responsible data management, data sharing, and open research practices such as computational reproducibility.

Those with prior coursework or experience in data wrangling and management, or a certification in data science are encouraged to apply as are those who would like to improve or develop their instruction skills.

The Specialist can expect to lead, co-teach, and plan a variety of data management education opportunities that build and improve upon the library’s current efforts. Identified areas of interest on campus include data wrangling in R and/or Python, Data and Software Carpentry lessons, introductions to Git and GitHub, advanced file management, data documentation, how to prepare data for sharing, and more. The specialist will pursue opportunities to develop and deploy curriculum in a variety of mediums and settings, both in person and virtual. As a member of RDS, the specialist will work and lead cross-unit and cross-disciplinary teams and work with learners and collaborators from across campus with varied levels of experience with data management, open science, and technology.

Required Minimum Qualifications: Master’s degree

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of instructional design practices, concepts, and tools.
  • Working knowledge of data management and/or open science theory and practices.
  • Proficiency with statistical programming packages (e.g., R, Python, Stata) that can be used to wrangle (gather, unify, tidy, transform) and analyze data.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the value of diversity and contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment.

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