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POLITICO is seeking a data journalist to fill the role of data and graphics reporter. This is a chance to report deeply on the effects of politics and policy and to have your work seen by decision-makers across the government, business and nonprofit worlds.

In this role, you’ll contribute best-in-class visual journalism to our most premium subscriber offerings: DataPoint and Pro Analysis. Our desk is not a service desk, which means you’ll pitch and report on stories from start to finish, as well as collaborate with journalists across our newsroom. We’re looking for someone who’s shown that they can dig deep into a topic using both traditional reporting and data reporting techniques. We are proud to have a talented team that covers policy areas core to Pro subscribers, with beats like budget/appropriations, the economy, energy/environment, health care, technology, trade, and more.

In this role, you’ll work with a range of policy and political reporters and editors across our newsroom to sharpen your reporting and pitches. You’ll also work on enterprise pieces for POLITICO’s consumer news site like these stories on Black migration out of Chicago and states’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’re looking for a life-long learner, someone with a deep interest in policy reporting and the tools we need to tell those stories. You’ll be part of a team that’s dedicated to constantly improving our work and doing insightful journalism that explains, advances and uncovers news.

POLITICO is committed to diversity and we make inclusivity a priority in our workspace. As a publication with global ambitions, our teams must reflect, understand and be able to bring to life the worlds we cover. Our organization strives to improve the representation from marginalized groups and create a culture where their voices are heard and there is equity. We’ve established smarter hiring policies to ensure better representation across the publication, created structures to build more representation in leadership roles, and committed to providing development opportunities specific to underrepresented groups.

Not sure if this role is right for you, or want to learn more about our team culture? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

This role reports to POLITICO’s data and graphics editor, Sean McMinn, and it is a remote-friendly role. His email is

What You’ll Do:

  • Pitch and produce original, timely graphics and graphics-driven stories
  • Collaborate with policy reporters on explanatory journalism series for subscribers
  • Share skills with team members and contribute to a culture of consistent learning
  • Edit DataWrapper charts from the newsroom on a weekly basis and advise on best practices and chart types.

What You’ll Need:

  • Deep interest in the policies shaping the nation
  • Professional newsroom experience, including internships, or equivalent in a related field
  • Sharp writing skills, and the ability to distill complex stories into concise graphics and text both on quick deadlines and long-term projects
  • Excellent collaboration skills
    Fluency in Adobe Illustrator
  • Fluency in data analysis using a tool such as Excel, SQL, Python, R, QGIS, etc
  • Curiosity to learn about politics and policy, and the ability to pitch stories

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with at least one programming language, such as Javascript, Python or R
  • Knowledge of mapping tools such as QGIS
  • Working knowledge of DataWrapper tool
  • Experience covering national politics or policy
  • Experience with responsive web design, or working knowledge of HTML and CSS

To apply for this job please visit