Data Viz and Data Storytelling Consultant for Real Estate Tech Company
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  • June 12, 2022

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The Neighborhood Company

My company Venn is looking to hire a freelance consultant to help us analyze a substantial volume of data and derive insights and compelling narratives to help drive our business goals. For some background, Venn is a real estate tech platform that partners with landlords and their residents to help drive retention and satisfaction by better connecting residents to their neighborhoods.

Recently, we partnered with a research firm to create a series of surveys of our neighborhoods. Our goal is to conduct these surveys before we launch in a new neighborhood to compare Venn residents to non Venn residents and to establish a baseline of their needs and satisfaction levels so we can go back on a six month basis and do follow up surveys. The survey results will be used internally to inform our product and offerings and be used externally to show our value and impact to existing real estate partners and potential new ones.

We are now looking for a consultant to come in and work through the data, present findings to a team of internal stakeholders, and then craft a narrative and design supporting visualizations that makes a persuasive case for our platform and product’s impact.

The time commitment is fluid and we are tool agnostic, but the scope of the assignment would center on authoring a comprehensive report to help convince landlords of the value our product plays in driving their residents to renew. We have all the data. The consultant would need to analyze it, craft the story, and then either create or help a designer create supporting data visualizations. If you are data journalist but don’t have data viz chops, we’d love to connect with you regardless. Conversely, if you’re a data viz whiz and less of a storyteller, that is fine! We may break up the responsibilities across two roles.

For additional context, check out our 2021 trends report, geared at a b2c and media audience, and our 2021 impact report here, geared at a landlord audience.

We look forward to connecting with candidates!

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