This board is intended to help data visualization folks find, post, and share data visualization jobs.

Lynn Cherny originated a data visualization jobs board as a google group because the number of data-vis related jobs has exploded and she wanted to provide a central place for freelancers to find work. Since then, the number of opportunities for data visualization professionals has continued to grow for freelancers and those seeking full time data viz roles. Finding a job in this field can still be challenging to navigate and search for since titles for data visualization-focused roles vary widely though.

The Data Visualization Jobs Board, like the Data Visualization Society, is tool agnostic and can be used to post and discover roles where designing, developing, creating, managing, teaching, training, mentoring, and/or coaching on data visualization is a key feature to the role. Postings for full time, part time, contract, and freelance opportunities are welcome.

Technical job postings are likely to include (but are not limited to!) roles requiring any of the following skills and tech platforms: D3.js, Raphael.js, Processing / Processing.js, Paper.js, Flash, Illustrator, Excel, Tableau, R (ggplot2), Python - matplotlib / chaco / traits/ bokeh / etc, Gephi/NodeXL/sigma.js. 

We also welcome postings for roles that focus on managing data visualization teams, the use of data visualization within organizations, and other related non-technical or strategic positions.

General reminders:

  • This board is managed by the Data Visualization Society as public service to the field of data visualization, aligned to our mission to strengthen the field of data visualization.’
  • As an organization, we do not endorse a particular role or opportunity, nor do we have organizational influence in the hiring process for roles posted to this board.

For job seekers:

  • To view a shortened list of opportunities related to a particular tech stack or role, run a keyword search or search by location.
  • Questions about opportunities posted here should be directed to the contact person included on the listing.

For firms posting roles and opportunities:

  • Please complete as many fields as possible on the Post a Job form. The more information you provide, the better candidates can assess if the role is a good fit for them. 
  • Keyword searches by job seekers will search all text in the listing, which is why including the full job description is beneficial to maximize your post’s discoverability for candidates.
  • This jobs board is specifically for paid data visualization opportunities, as we believe as an organization that data visualization professionals should be compensated for their labor, time, and expertise. This includes internships and other roles often framed purely as learning opportunities. 
  • We encourage transparency on salary levels/ranges in your postings.
  • Job postings are automatically displayed based on the posting date, showing the most recent role first. To have your job display at the top of the board, we offer five sponsored job listing spots each week. Please contact if you are interested in information about sponsored listings.

The Data Visualization Society reserves the right to reject any job posting that it determines has no connection to data visualization, as this is a topical board, does not follow our Code of Conduct, or otherwise violates the guidelines stated here.