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Administrative Assistant – Freelance, Hourly or Part-Time

At Inciter, we know that nonprofits are overwhelmed by data and reporting. We use cutting-edge data analytics tools to create effortless and accurate reporting for them. So that they can improve their programs, focus on their mission, and get back to making the world a better place.

When you make data easy and accessible for nonprofits, you elevate social change all over the world.

We are looking for a freelance Administrative Assistant to provide support for a variety of projects. For this position, your main result is to support a variety of staff on data and research projects, ensuring they have what they need to make sure clients are satisfied and we continue to grow.

At Inciter, our people are:

Good Communicators – We communicate with each other and with our clients in a way that is responsive, clear,  and helpful
Analytical – We think through things logically and help others to use data in an objective and yet powerful manner
Profit Minded – While we are passionate about social change, we keep an eye on the bottom line, because if we aren’t profitable, it’s probably because we aren’t solving problems for our clients.

We look for people who have a collaborative, consultative approach to solving data problems.

Our ideal admin:

Is compulsively detail-oriented – You like everything in its place, and you like creating places for things. You have been known to color code and alphabetize your spice drawer.
Takes ownership – You are willing to speak up and step up to ensure the best possible outcome. You take responsibility for your work.
Stays organized – You confirm expected deliverables and tasks. You proactively update colleagues and clients.
Loves learning, and you are comfortable with working in the Cloud, and learning new cloud-based tools
Likes variety – We work on different data projects and with different clients. You will not get bored!
Supports others – You are committed to making life easier for those they work with, and taking work off their plate so they can focus on their core job functions.
Can manage competing priorities and prioritize
Works efficiently and effectively.

Things we might need you to do:

Help with the collection, coding, and management of surveys (often using Survey Monkey or similar)
Support a variety of data collection and processing tasks
Schedule meetings, interviews, and focus groups, take notes, and support follow-up for tasks post-event
Process, organize, and file data as it comes in, including following naming conventions
Support the creation and maintenance of systems for managing information and data
Work with four different team members on a variety of projects.
Editing and proofreading of documents
Interact with team members and clients to ensure project work is on track, using Teamwork and other project management protocols.

We work remotely and will continue to do so. 

Hours will vary from week to week, and the number of hours per week is negotiable. Pay rate is $30 to $50+ per hour depending upon experience, skills, availability, response time, work quality, and project duration.

At Inciter, we believe diversity drives innovation. We’re always growing our network of people, programs, and tools. We will honor your experiences, perspectives, and unique identity. Together, we strive to create and maintain working and learning environments that are inclusive, equitable, and welcoming.

If interested, please send us an email at