Data Journalist

Indian Express Data Team

Hi, so the Indian newspaper Indian Express is setting up a data team. I’ve just joined it and I’m looking for someone who can code up news interactives using Svelte.

The work will involve creating visualizations either for your own stories or for others, setting up dashboards for election results etc.

You don’t need to have worked with Svelte before, if you’ve done work with React, Vue or any other modern framework from the past few years, I’m sure you could transition to Svelte easily.

This is a full-time role, it’ll be in Delhi, India (Noida to be precise). It will be work-from-office in the beginning because I’ll need your help setting things up. But once that’s done we can do a hybrid role where you come to office a few days a week, and work other days from home.

The coding set-up could be something similar to what the Pudding team has done at or something more sophisticated like what the Reuters team has done at , it’ll depend on what you’re comfortable with.

In terms of experience / education, you should have some background in coding / design / journalism. Years of experience could be anything from 0 to 20, doesn’t matter, get in touch!

If you’re interested and want more details, email me at, thanks! -shijith