CISR Data Visualization Associate

International Republican Institute

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The Data Visualization Associate (DVA) is an entry-level position at IRI’s Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) and is mainly responsible for the production and quality control of PowerPoint-based slide decks visualizing survey data.

Position Requirements

Undergraduate degree in sociology, psychology, statistics, international relations, political science, or related field. Coursework in survey research, statistics etc. preferred.
0-1 years of experience in survey research, data visualization or related field.
Experience with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint required, especially chart functions, including: Experience using a variety of chart types, such as line, column, bar, and pie graphs
Experience customizing Excel charts, including modifying axes and legends and adjusting the color and size of lines and markers
Experience with statistical software such as SPSS or R preferred.
Excellent written communication skills—will need to correct grammar issues and typos on slide decks.
Solid ability to read survey data—will need to verify datapoints cited on graphs against original data source. Ability to perform basic custom data analysis (creating derived variables, filters, cross tabulations, simple statistical significance tests etc.) preferred.
Demonstrated familiarity with concepts related to the visual display of data and effective chart type selection are strongly preferred.
Knowledge of different countries across the globe preferred. Foreign language skills preferred.
Extreme attention to detail—will need to identify errors and produce largely error-free products.
The above requirements are essential to a successful application. Selected applicants for this position will be required to take a skills test to measure their ability to edit and create charts.

Primary Functions & Responsibilities:

This role supports the Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) by creating and editing PowerPoint based slide decks featuring Excel-based graphs of survey data. The role will be responsible for delivering visually appealing, easy-to-understand data visualizations that conform to IRI’s branding. The role collaborates across the CISR Team and with IRI’s Regional Program Teams. Explicit guidance will be provided for each task, and the Data Visualization Associate is expected to perform assigned tasks largely error-free and in a timely and efficient manner after receiving initial training.

Formats existing slides to match IRI’s style book (colors, fonts, formatting, etc.), verifies accurate spelling/grammar for all text on slides, verifies accuracy of each data point cited on slides against original data source.
Creates individual slides or entire slide deck from original data source. Determines best chart type to display the data points.
Produces infographics based on a template and specific data points.
Less frequently assigned responsibilities include:Comparing Power BI based dashboard data against original data source.
Maintenance of spreadsheet tracking CISR core question data across countries and over time.
General CISR logistical support.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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