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Data driven tools Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Inequality.

We are looking to grow the Business Development Team at Vizzuality with someone who has experience turning ideas into actions, writing proposals, and is both autonomous and great at collaborating with others.

We have operations in Spain, Portugal, and the UK, and at this moment, people are working remotely or at our office in Madrid. You are very welcome to join us if you are eligible to work in any of these three countries.

We are offering a salary range of 20K – 29K Euros (depending on your experience), and we are open to exploring full-time and part-time contract options (with a minimum of 50% time dedication) depending on the candidate’s needs.


Would you like to be part of Vizzuality’s story?

Are you motivated by the desire to help build a sustainable planet for all life on Earth? Are you looking for a new opportunity?

Vizzuality’s purpose is to reach a fair and sustainable planet by creating tools that radically empower people to make positive changes now.

We are a world-leading technology, design, and science agency. We design and develop data-driven tools and applications for international organizations that focus on Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Inequality.

Solving such large and complex problems will bring you into contact with new technology and some of the world’s most interesting organizations and academics in machine learning, remote sensing, and planetary data. You’ll be working on projects like these:


Our Culture “This is how we do things here”

Our aim is to help the world become a better place, therefore we need to make sure we care about our people and give them the power to build great things. These are some of the principles that define our culture:

  • We Trust: Our team structure relies on self-organization. We want to work with colleagues who don’t have to look ‘up’ for approval, nor look ‘down’ and give instructions. As soon as you step inside, we will provide you with the best tools and technology, and then we will trust you to do great things.
  • We Delight: We use our deep understanding of people’s needs to spark delight. Our choices are based on science, research, and design principles.
  • We Care: For ourselves, our colleagues, and the organization. We know what we do is important and we have a strong sense of responsibility for the work we do.
  • We Grow: As we are always embarking on new projects and challenges, a continuous learning mindset and a “Can Do” attitude is a must We are conscientious, and we focus on learning and achieving our goals. We give power to people so they can make decisions, and plot their own paths with help from all around them
  • We have fun: We also know that you need to balance seriousness with fun. If you can make people smile you will be off to a great start!

Want to know more about our culture? Check our Playbook.


A day in the life of a Business Development Explorer at Vizzuality 

We are looking for someone who can turn ideas into proposals, working with colleagues in all parts of Vizzuality. This position is a great opportunity for career growth to support and work alongside our experienced business development team. You’ll learn the fundamentals of how a business committed to change operates, and you’ll shape the proposals we write today that turn into the world-changing work we will create tomorrow.

Some examples of specific tasks include:

  • Planning out and writing proposals with our senior business development team
  • Coordinating with our design, science, and engineering teams to formulate proposal ideas.
  • Updating the company on the latest business development news.
  • Supporting prospective client meetings through research and participation in the meetings.


These are some of the things you will do and achieve in your first year at Vizzuality.

In your first month:

  • You’ll shadow a member of our business development team so you get used to the way of doing things at Vizzuality. You will also get to meet the rest of the teams.
    Familiarise yourself with our latest successful and unsuccessful proposals, as well as with the support materials and processes we use in the team.
    Learn the software and tools we use in our business development and operations
    Attend Business Development Strategy meetings and conversations
    Contribute to a few proposals with guidance from the senior BD team and attend some prospective client meetings.

During the following months:

  • You’ll have met and communicated with many prospective clients and contributed to several project proposals.
    You’ll be sending out business development newsletters and blogs on a regular basis.
    You’ll have contributed to the writing and organizing of the EU grant proposal process.
    Our inbound leads will be tracked and organized.
    Conduct ongoing research activities to support the continued growth and impact of Vizzuality.

By the end of the first year:

  • You’ll be organizing and writing your own proposals with help from your colleagues, ensuring a high level of efficiency and quality is maintained.
    You’ll understand the fundamentals of business and client relations. You’ll be meeting with clients, working with our teams, and building the next great work from Vizzuality.
    You’ll be responsible for the relationship with already established partners and clients, finding new opportunities for collaboration with them.
    You’ll be improving how we do things, and proposing new areas of work related to our strategy.


Skills and experiences we are looking for in a candidate

(*) Even if you think you don’t tick all the boxes below, we’d still love to hear from you. Nobody checks every box, and we are looking for someone excited to join the team and aligned with our purpose!

Must have skills and experience:

  • Organization: You have well-developed prioritization and organization skills.
  • Communications: You are an excellent communicator in English, both in writing and speaking. You can effectively communicate proposals, ideas, and deadlines to colleagues and prospective clients.
  • Building Relations: You enjoy building relationships. You are good at coordinating with people and using their input to create new proposals, as well as creating honest and durable relationships with our clients that generate new work opportunities.
  • Proactivity: You can analyze complex situations, are proactive when it comes to identifying new insights and opportunities, and have the resolution to move them forward.
  • Impact Driven: You want to create change and make an impact in the world. You have a basic understanding, or are willing to learn, about biodiversity, climate change, sustainability, inequality, and technology.

Anything else to impress us? Over time, we’d like this role to take on more responsibilities. If you have experience across one/some/all of the areas below or would like to learn more about any of them, we would love to hear more about it!

  • Attention to detail: You’ll be able to make sure all parts of a proposal are complete, the language is of high quality and nothing is missed.
  • Numerate: You’ll be comfortable with budgets, spreadsheets, and simple mathematical operations.


Compensation, Benefits & Growth “This is what you get when you join Vizzuality”

Our compensation and benefits are part of a great career opportunity with the potential for you to grow and work in something with a massive transformational purpose. So if you really care about the real-world impact of your work and are inspired by our mission to transform the world, we can offer you:


  • We are offering an annual salary between 20.000 – 29.000 Euros. This range is only an indication and we will agree on your final salary together based on your specific experience and profile.
  • Annual profit-sharing bonus plan. Team bonus up to 10% of the salary depending on the company’s performance.
  • 1000 Eur Referral Bonus. If you bring someone you know to the team and we hire them you get 1000 € after six months.


  • A training allowance of 1500 €/year for courses, workshops, conferences, volunteering, innovation projects, or meetups of your choice, including travel and lodging.
  • Peer mentoring plus support in the self-reflection process and design of your career path that will suit your interests and growth needs.
  • Free English & Spanish Lessons
  • Support for personal projects and initiatives like giving talks, contributing to open source projects, and to give/receive internal training
  • “4 Weeks Growth Sabbatical” when you reach 10 years at Vizz.

Wellbeing & Paid Time Off.

  • 26 days of vacation (plus local bank holidays)
  • An additional holiday day on your birthday 🙂
  • Additional “Sustainable Travel Days”. Up to 2 extra paid days if you choose more sustainable ways of traveling.
  • When you get to complete 5 years working at Vizz, you will receive 3 extra days and they will be added to your holiday allowance forever.


  • Mental health support via Spill, our third-party provider, to connect you with qualified counselors and curated resources.
  • If you are based in Spain, you can opt to enroll in Health & Dental Insurance subsidized by the company.

Flexibility & Remote Work

  • Remote work if you are based in either Spain, Portugal or UK
  • Flexible schedules and Part-Time working arrangements.
  • We will provide you with everything you need to do great work (ie. laptop, tools, and work from home equipment)
  • 1 or 2 annual gatherings paid by the company.


Recruitment Process Overview

Do you have what it takes to change the world? If after reading the description of the role, you like our culture and you believe you have what it takes to join Vizzuality, please send us your application.

This is what the recruitment process looks like. Below there are some suggestions for you to include and consider in your application.


  • Send us your CV and Cover Letter, explaining why you would like to work with us and what you can bring to the team. Please include any samples of your work and projects you find relevant to the offer.
  • Fluent English is really important to us, so if it’s not your first language please demonstrate your abilities in your CV and Cover Letter. We will not consider applications that are not sent in English.

First Screener:

  • This is a 60-minute informal interview so you can get to know a bit better the company, our culture and ask any questions about the role and our ways of working.
  • From our side, we are interested in understanding more about what you are looking for, your current skill level and experience, and what you care about


  • We will invite you to complete an assignment to get a better understanding of your skills, the way you organize your ideas, and how you would go about sharing what we do with our partners and clients.
  • We will send you via email an assignment for you to prepare, and then we will ask you to send us your ideas back in 1 week.


  • You will be meeting with a few of us and we will deep-dive into your experience and skills. You will also have the space to share more about the challenge you shared with us in the previous stage of the process.
  • This will be another opportunity for you to ask us questions about the role and the company.